Foxconn Reportedly Hires 3,000 Software Engineers In Support Of Firefox OS

While the Firefox OS for smartphones might be relatively new, several manufacturers such as Alcatel and ZTE have shown their support for the operating system, possibly to help them stand out amongst the sea of devices that already run on Android. Now it looks like manufacturer Foxconn wants a piece of that action too and has reportedly hired 3,000 software engineers where they are expected to be experts in HTML5 and cloud computing. While Foxconn has been primarily known in the past to be the manufacturer for Apple’s iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad, it seems that recently the company has been looking for alternative ways to making money, ultimately reducing their reliance on Apple and we guess the Firefox OS could be one way to do that. We’re not sure what Foxconn has planned with their software engineers – either design software for Foxconn’s own branded phone, or maybe create software in which they can then sell to other brands instead! Either way we’ll have to wait and see, but what do you guys think? Is the Firefox OS going to be the next big thing, or is iOS and Android too dominant at the moment?

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