BubblePod Helps You Take the Perfect Panoramic Image

Everyone has felt the frustration that comes with trying to get the perfect 360-degree image. Between keeping your hand steady and trying to ensure random passersby don't ruin the shot, capturing a panorama can be exhausting.

The BubblePod, a turntable-esque accessory that users attach to their smartphones to take 360-degree photos, aims to solve this problem. Creators BubbleScope just launched a Kickstarter campaign, and are looking to raise £30,000. Early backers can get a discount, and pick up a BubblePod for as little as £15.

The BubblePod consists of a clamp to hold your smartphone, a button that starts the 360-degree spin, a rubberized base for stability and a standard tripod mount.

The base comes in black or white, and you can choose from a range of colors for the grip.

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